(Essay 1) Why Reenact the Nine-Mago Movement? by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

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Kwago (Drum for sitting position), Korea

Part 1: ­Why Revive the Number Nine Goddess Symbolism?

In my ongoing research on the Great Goddess/Mago, I have detected one of the major layers that constitutes Magoism and named it the nona-Mago tradition. The merit of the nona-Mago tradition, among others, lies in the fact that it offers the etiological explanation of the cross-cultural manifestations of the nine-Goddess symbolism.[1] Furthermore, revivifying the nine-Goddess symbolism would function as an expedient means to cultivate the consciousness of WE among moderns. This year, I have proposed some ways to implement the Nine-Mago Movement. One of them is the online nine-day solstice celebration event to be a way of getting together among Goddessians/Magoists of the world. Proposing 2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration Project, I wrote the following:

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