Mago/Great Goddess Pilgrimage Korea 2014

PaGaian Cosmology

by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

… as published in GODDESS ALIVE! Issue No. 28, Autumn/Winter 2015

I was most fortunate to be invited by Dr. Helen Hwang to co-facilitate this pilgrimage to the sacred land of Old Korea and to uncover the Great Goddess of East Asia – Mago, a Primordial Mother.

IMG_1983 Pilgrimage group at Jeju Island shrine

“Mago” is both a common noun meaning “the great goddess” and a specific goddess who is the progenitor, nature-shaper, and ultimate sovereign known to East Asians especially Koreans since the time immemorial.[1] 

Helen did the hard work of arrangements: I truly entered into the magical process as a neophyte and guest in terms of the place, the people, and the language. What I brought to it was my research of Gaia, Primordial Mother of Western tradition, and my Goddess devotional practice over decades.

The Mago Pilgrimage 2014 was a deeply transformational…

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