(Mago Stronghold Essay 3) The Forgotten Primordial Paradise by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

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Part 3: Indelible Old Magoism Encrypted in China’s “Mago Stronghold”

cheonjinbuchongdo Atlas of Heavenly Harbor Government (天津府總圖, Tianjinfuzongtu) published in 1805, Courtesy of Hyanggodo and Junhui Song. 

The Mago word “Mago Stronghold” has narrowly survived patriarchal linguistic censorships. Sometimes it is preferably or deliberately employed as a euphemism. Other times, it is replaced with random words. But it has never been completely wiped out from written and oral texts. The Mago term, constituting the very foundation of patriarchy, is indestructible. Having survived, the term “Mago Stronghold” debunks the plot intent to magna-matricide. It unearths the buried and re-members the severed.

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