Be the Founding Member of Mago Pool Circle

“… and the day comes when she realized that she is worthy and whole, just as she is” Artwork by Nicole Shaw.

Calling for Founding Members of Mago Pool Circle

See the Founding Members and Our Gift-giving!

(You may join Mago Pool Circle by commenting to this announcement or go to The Mago Circle for daily updates under “Mago Pool Circle.”)

By Mago Pool Circle, we mean a circle of committed members who agree to pool some of our available resources for the benefit of all. Mago Pool Circle is an open and loose society whose members share what we have for the common goal of collective survival and prosperity. Simply put, as a member of Mago Pool Circle, one shares what s/he has in surplus, something that one has plenty that can be shared with others. One who is helped can help someone else in another form. That is, one who receives one’s free service/belonging may like to give something else to someone else who is in need. Our sharing is a free-giving that does not require something in return. In that sense, Mago Pool Circle is distinguished from a barter type of organization.

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